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SECC Electrolytic zinc-coated steel

Product: Electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheets and coils

Grade: SECC

SECC steel quality:commercial quality

SECC steel classified symbol of base metal in relevant JIS: SPCC

SECC steel Coil/strip/sheet surface treatment:
C (Chromate treatment), P(Phosphate treatment ) , M(Untreated), O(oiled), X (unoiled)

SECC steel Coil/strip/sheet surface structural: N5 (Fingerprint resistance)

SECC steel Coil/strip/sheet coating mass: ES, EB, E8, E16, E24, E32, E40

JIS G 3313 SECC steel applicable nominal thickness : 0.4mm or over up to and incl. 3.2mm

SECC steel chemical composition % : Refer to the chemical composition of SPCC

SECC steel steel Mechanical properties

Grade Yield Strength MPa Tensile strength MPa Elongation % min
0.4-≤0.6mm 0.6-≤1.0mm 1.0-≤1.6mm 1.6-≤2.3mm 2.3-≤2.5mm 2.5 or Over
SECC - 270 min 34 36 37 38 38 39

Royal industry have more than 2000 tons SECC steel stock source each month. We can meet our customer's most of quantity and technical request. Based on these stock source, our advantage industry spread into steel process like : cutting(on width and length), drawing, repacking, and so on.

Reference Link: SECD, SECE, SECF, SECG, SEFC340, SEFC370,SEFC390, SEFC440, SEFC490, SEFC540, SEFC590, SEFC490Y,SEFC540Y, SEFC590Y,SEFC780Y, SEFC980Y,SEFC340H

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